Ziplining - Fun for the Entire Family

Ziplining is an awesome adventure activity to plan for your next family vacation. If you're looking for an added thrill during some family adventure travel, this is it!

It is a relatively cheap and requires no real skill, just the ability to listen and pick up a few pointers. It offers a fantastic thrill for all ages. What our family liked the most about ziplining was the fact that everyone could participate, it was really adventurous, very safe and offered a great challenge.

For all the worried moms out there, I can tell you first hand this is a really safe activity. You are always attached to a cable.

Our eight year old was a little nervous at first so she travelled the first couple lines with the guide. Once she got the idea of it, she wouldn't let anyone assist her the rest of the way. She was a real pro at the end. This activity is a great confidence booster for the kids.

North Carolina As ziplining

Our family went ziplining in North Carolina at Carolina Ziplines or for more information We had two great guides who showed us the ropes, literally. This location provided a really comfortable and casual experience.

As an added bonus, a couple of the dogs, owned by the guides, accompanied us. The kids enjoyed watching them run along the forest floor to follow us as we ziplined above.

We will definitely go ziplining again and highly (get it!) recommend this experience to families with an openess to try something new.

North Carolina Al ziplining

North Carolina L ziplining

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